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Welcome to Recover-Care Heartland Healthcare. Our state of the art Skilled Nursing facilities, located across the state of Kansas, are equipped with all of the comforts of home. Our warm, knowledgeable staff are always available and attentive to all our residents needs. With cutting-edge medical equipment, top-notch therapy gyms and a full medical staff on call, your loved one will receive the best of care, both physical and emotional, at any Recover-Care Heartland home.

Our Facilities

Our Local Team

Anthony/Tony Johnson

Chief Operating Officer

Laura Peterson, RN

Vice President of Professional Services

Kellie Hudson, BSN RN

Regional Nurse Educator

Matt Harman, LNHA, RN

Regional Vice President

Staci Cardenas

Regional Vice President

Sonya Christopher

Regional Business Office Manager

Rachel Blair, RN

Director of Clinical Reimbursement – Kansas

Sherri Holman

Vice President of Business Development

Lawrence A. Millman
B.A., B.S., PharmD, BCGP

Director of Pharmacy

Jim Corpening

Director of Physical Plant Maintenance

Desiree Johnson RN

Regional Nurse Consultant

Sara McKitrick, LPN

Business Office Consultant

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